Published work – Ankush Arora

Insight –
India: Censors under fire

Book reviews –
How a travelogue uses familiar cinema and books to remember cities (The Quint)

(for Reuters):

Barkha Dutt on India’s ‘fault lines’ and personal reinvention

Being gay and ‘No One Else’ in India and the USA

Revisiting Bangladesh, 43 years after the independence war

Guns, war and a dove – Sri Lanka looks for a new life

Mahabharata retold, with a twist from writer Kiran Nagarkar

Book Talk – Ten years on, Chetan Bhagat says better prepared to face critics

Book Talk – Navtej Sarna on India’s Jerusalem connection

Book Talk: Rana Dasgupta on a ‘vastly under-imagined Delhi’

Reema Abbasi and a glimpse of Pakistan’s Hindu past

Art reviews –
Baby steps for India art market, best yet to come

Imaging Sri Lanka’s colonial past

Photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta’s homecoming

Glimpses of Indian Buddhist art

Photo Gallery – National Museum revives antique jewellery exhibition

Photo Gallery – Impressions from the India Art Fair

The body as an art form in India

Inside is everything in Subodh Gupta show

A walk through the India Art Fair 2014

Theatre review –
Reliving ‘Aruna’s Story’ – on stage


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Ankush Arora

Delhi boy; dreamer, nature lover, photographer. Development communications professional. Ex-Reuters, NDTV. This is a personal blog.

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