The-Colonel-WhoIndian-born journalist Salil Tripathi’s second book, “The Colonel Who Would Not Repent – The Bangladesh War and its Unquiet Legacy”, is not only a historical narrative on Bangladesh, but a project to rearrange a jigsaw puzzle comprising murky political plots and sub-plots that shaped a fledgling country’s future.

“People know about 1971 without really knowing the background of it. People don’t know what led to the assassination (of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman). Why did he become unpopular? And then suddenly you have this war crimes tribunal happening. And people are curious why has it taken so long to have the tribunal?  So there were lots of gaps in the history,” Tripathi said in an interview to Reuters.

(This post was originally published on the Reuters India website on Dec. 23, 2014. To read full story, click here.)