From Indian Express:

Question: Wasn’t the disruption of actor and filmmaker Amol Palekar’s speech at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai, where he criticised the Ministry of Culture over ‘disbanding of advisory committees’ at the gallery’s centres in Mumbai and Bengaluru, censorship? Had you been there, would you have handled it differently?

Adwaita Gadanayak: The particular event where it all happened, the NGMA had just given the space. The curators were external and the guest was also invited by them. Certainly, the NGMA has not done any kind of censorship. However, if I was in the situation, I would have allowed him to finish what he was saying and then explained the facts to him. After all, the NGMA is a space for artists, they should be allowed to say what they have to say.

Full interview —

(Featured image: screenshot from Indian Express story)

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