When you go through shit and some more of the same, enough is said and done. And that probably happens when relationships either grow or fall or stagnate and when you’re in search of the new ones.

‘Enough Said’ is one such story that is about people who’ve had bad relationships, but are still looking for more in life. And yet, despite the lack of success in that area, there is a quietude about them, a resignation and mellowness that probably comes as you move ahead in life. Maybe. Maybe not.

Eva, a beautiful divorced masseuse starts to date Albert, a handsome, but obese, man. Later, she finds out that he is her friend and client Marianne’s ex-husband.

Marianne’s hatred for Albert affects Eva’s relationship with him – whether it’s his excessively high intake of calories, sex or lack of side tables in his bedroom.

One day, Albert discovers that Eva and Marriane are friends and that his girlfriend hid her friendship from him. It breaks his heart and he says he is too old for that.

They split up, until another day Eva goes back to his house and they get back together.

The film is a romantic comedy written with a lot of subtlety. Its humour is understated that would not make you guffaw but may provoke limited laughter and for a film like ‘Enough Said’ it is apt and good enough.

There’s no melodrama either despite the fact that the film is about mostly unhappy people, discordant emotions and relationships. But the film still has several moments of smiles and silences that give an impression of beholding a meandering river on a sunny day.

James Gandolfini stands out as the charming divorced man who seeks out a much younger woman in Eva, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The Sopranos star died of heart attack shortly after the film’s release in 2013. Louis-Dreyfus is pleasant as the confused and credulous divorced masseuse in search of love.

Watch the film for its treatment of mature romance – I am sure you haven’t had enough of it yet.

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