Music is life and life is music. Life has many notes and tunes; it can be a meditative khayal, or pensive like a ghazal, crazy like a qawwali, a carefree bhangra, or devotional as in a bhajan.

“Chandrajeevan” is a new Hindi music album that has everything to do with the self, while negating the idea of the same – a devotee’s journey that is supposed to traverse many aspects of life, from the mundane, the profound to the intense and much beyond.

The devotional album, produced by a non-profit India-based group Sounds of Isha, was released on Guru Purnima last month. It is believed that it was on this day Lord Shiva decided to impart the vast knowledge of the yogic sciences to the Saptarishis, the Seven Sages.

Guru Purnima falls in the July-August period. On this day, seekers worship their master, express their gratitude and receive blessings.

“Chandra” means moon and “jeevan” life. The title of the album refers to a devotee’s journey towards “dissolution”, represented in the moon’s journey from full moon to new, says the music band.

The only available song of this album — “Aye Hain Saavare” — was composed when a guru was returning to his ashram on his birthday after a six-month long overseas trip. Soaked in devotion, it speaks of a deep longing for the guru, and the sense of immeasurable joy, happiness and intense pain as the devotee beholds the master after a long hiatus.

“Aye Hain Saavare” is poignant beyond imagination. It fails explanation or analysis. It needs to be just heard, probably more than once. And if you have ever felt unadulterated, unconditional, self-less love or devotion for someone or something, this is the track for you!

Aye hain saanvare, o mere gaaon re
Mili ek thaanv re, na jaao saanvare

Aasmaan phool barasaao, hawaaon itr failao
Apni palaken bichhaa karke, dharaa tum mangal to gaao
Pakharoon charaNa kamalon ko, main apne bheege nainon se
Charnaamrut paan karake, dhara tum dhanya ho jaao

Nishaa tum komal haston se, inhe kaajal lagaa dena,
Shashi in bhavya bhaalon pe chandan tilak sajaa denaa
Mukhadaa yah tejomandit hairavi tu na sharamaanaa
Ina se jaan lenaa tum nabh mein apnaa thikaana

[Translation here]

*You can download the album by clicking here or wait for the full release.

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