Last December, before heading to a house party on New Year’s eve, I visited Diggin Café for a quick snack. Sitting at the edge of a sleepy and posh residential area, it’s a large, leafy and seemingly remote hangout in the heart of south Delhi, and right outside Gargi College. There’s no parking scarcity, as with most Delhi bazaars, probably because the café is virtually unknown.

At Diggin, you have many seating options to explore – you can sit outside, on wooden benches surrounded by trees and flower pots. In winter, they keep firewood as well. You can also sit inside, by bookshelves and a gamut of sinful confectioneries. The ceiling is high, dotted with hanging light bulbs; and the ambience warm and welcoming.

You could also grab a seat outside, on the first floor that is somewhat shaded by hanging baskets. The furniture is largely wooden, complimenting the raw brick walls. Inside, a large tangerine tree, painted on a white wall, greets you. The curtains are white too, partially covering dark brown window sills.

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(Pictures by Ankush Arora)

I tried a hearty vegetarian garden burger and an equally filling sandwich that kept me going until after the clock struck 12 a.m. Both the snacks were served with French fries and a small portion of salad. In the end, I had a few cups of Darjeeling tea with honey. (Full menu here)

But mostly, “ambience” is all that this place has, and that’s we’re looking for these days, isn’t it? After all, it isn’t rocket science to prepare oozing snacks, with some veggies and chicken pieces.

If I were to visit the café again, which is highly likely, I would order a pan seared fresh fish, served with “tangy lime sauce…green beans, fennel, almond and citrus orange salad.”

Go there if you are bored of all the places you go to or if you like pastas, pizzas and bruschettas or won’t mind a glass or two of thick, flavoured smoothies or milkshakes. It is open until 11 p.m. and doesn’t serve alcohol. Free home delivery option is also available, according to Zomato.

And if you don’t like any of these, there’s a Haldiram’s-like restaurant next door to cater to your desi taste buds.

(Writing by Ankush Arora; feature image courtesy of Diggin website)

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