Photo by – Ankush Arora

It’s a thrill I’ve recently begun to enjoy – capturing inanimate objects, without the presence of human beings. There’s a joy in observing inanimate things, which can have a story of their own.

So on a Sunday evening at a restaurant in Delhi I had my frame cut out for me. It had a rose, an empty chair, a nondescript wall hanging and a puddle of pale yellow light.

The table had another chair to its left, which I had to cut out because my humble smartphone camera wouldn’t accommodate that much! I liked the slanting shadow to the left of the frame. The pyramid-like white napkins complimented the low light condition in which I shot this picture as I waited for a plate of lemon fish, chicken soup and vegetarian spring rolls.

(In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”)

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadow Play

  1. You could definitely write a story from this photo. I like that there’s only the one chair. It makes the picture more interesting. I really like the simplicity of color and shapes.



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