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I’ve over 30, and I’ve realized I am no longer young;
I am not very smart, and I sometimes fart;
I’m not tall, and not bold (or bald, yet)
I was never handsome, and my heritage made sure the width of my nose maintained a certain dimension;
And my eyes and back are occasionally starting to fail me;
(This is starting to sound tragic)

But thinking from a different perspective,
I also have, like all of you, much to be thankful for.
I am still able to undertake my daily struggle to earn a living, find a purpose, and try and do the right things (what’s the fun in being handed everything on a platter, right?)

I am able to enjoy, to mourn, to care, and be cared for.
I am still breathing, which means I am still given the opportunity to change the world in my own little ways, like all of you.

And undeserving as I am, I still have friends and a family, people who look out for me and who I look out for (I’ve realized a long time ago that it’s not just about me) And I think that’s pretty swell.

What I am trying to say is – what the hell am I writing? Good lord.

Anyway, I hope all your birthdays and experiences give you the knowledge, the maturity and the goodness to find your purpose and the ability at the end of the day to say – I did my bit. God Bless.

And to Mark Zuckerberg – Can you spare a hoodie, and some change, like a few million American dollars?

– anonymous.

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